God’s love Gives Supreme Ecstasy


Rev. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji ensures that God, God, Lord, Waheguru, God, God, Ram’s love is written in the fate of which person that one, becomes most happy in both worlds. Pujya Guruji insists that the love and affection of the Lord bring Paramananda for his loving souls. There is no place for grief, pain, anxiety, trouble for such disciples.

The person who walks on the path of love for the Lord, he becomes pure-holy with heart-brain, with inner intensity, which can never be imagined. As you live, those who follow the path of love and affection for the master do not have any sense of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego etc in them.

Because the lust of desire, the mind of God-Mahadev, makes the mind wobble. The lust can put down the greatest of sages and monks. Anger is such a militant that I do not know how much more destruction in the world it will cause. Similarly, greed, greed, mind, delusion, these are such powers, which do not leave the person anywhere says rev. Ram Rahim Ji.

In this age, the person who is entangled in the love of Lord makes himself so blissful that he moves towards satyatatya. In such a love of the Lord, which makes the demons a god, the person moves on to visualise God. The love of the Lord imparts ecstasy to those who spend their life in Lord’s remembrance.

The love of the Lord springs up the life of the human being. You do not need any magic spell to walk in love with the master. No money needed. Do not leave any business. Do not leave home-family There is no rotation to change clothes. Just walk in the love of the Lord, serve his children selflessly and gain his supreme bliss says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

If you worship and tender service with devotion, then your heart & mind is cleansed you go to become merciful and compassionate. Therefore, do regular meditation of Lord’s name and continue to reap eternal bliss.