Ultimate Tips for Students to Ease Out Study Process and Attain Success

Tips for Students

Student life is an exciting and enjoyable phase of life. But this enjoyment turns into tension when it comes to preparation of exams and study properly. Students usually find it quite monotonous to study and memorize things and faces a number of issues as well. But no worries now as you can memorize your chapters and concepts easily by following these valuable tips by Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

How to Start Reading?

How do you start reading? Most will answer this question by citing their usual reading habits of opening a book and start reading it spontaneously. But this is not the right way. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has recommended and guided with the absolute way to study that will help you memorize things easily.

According to Guruji, before starting reading, do meditation for five or ten minutes and then drink one glass of water. After that when you start studying, you will feel fresh and energetic. The concepts which were not clear earlier will turn out as crystal clear and you will love studying apparently by having a clearance of concepts in the mind. This is the right way to read and study.

Besides this, while meditating, chant the stud prayer before & after the study, given by Saint MSG. Just have a look:

Prayer Before Study:

“O, Lord!

You are the fountainhead of truth and absolute knowledge

Do bless me, thus, so that when I read, be it committed to my memory.

And, the topmost position, may I reach, indeed.”

Prayer After Study:

“O, Lord!

I pray to thee, make me whatever you want me to be

May I study to become an excellent human being

And taking to the pinnacle the spirit of humanitarianism

Give me strength, so that I am able to serve everyone.”

How to Enhance Memory Power?

This is the common issue faced by most of the students that they forget their concepts quite often. They learn it thoroughly, give time to study, but they actually forget everything when they give exams or any test. The problem is less memory power. Enhanced memory power can bring you to success and let you win the race very easily. Then how to actually boost it up?

The ultimate way is the method of meditation which is the key to all issues you face in your lifetime. Regular recitation of God’s words doesn’t only hike up the memory power but also make your self confident with increased will power.

Saint Baba Ram Rahim has given a great way to do so. For this, you need to meditate for five or ten minutes and then look in nature, the trees or greenery that you have surrounding you and then start studying. Even in between the study, if you feel bored then you can start looking outside your window and observe nature, this will definitely make you feel fresh and boost up your memory.

One more way that he has suggested is to read the concept and close your eyes for one or two minutes and try to see that page in closed eyes, if you are not visualizing it then again have a look on the pages and again close your eyes and repeat the process. This will help you memorize the concepts throughout your lifetime.

A great way, isn’t it? Give it a try and share your experience!

Study with Games

Saint Baba Ram Rahim aka MSG, has guided the students at large with foolproof ways to maintain a balance between games and studies besides boosting the memory power. According to Him, one must not expel out games thoroughly from life for the sake of study or any other matter. Games make you strong, build stamina and enhance the endurance level, which helps you a ton in studying and in the whole life. Games can surely bring superlative results and make you capable to face any damn circumstance in your life.

There’s always a need for maintaining a rich curriculum for ultimate success in life. Students shouldn’t be burdened with an excessive syllabus, but there’s must have the providence of games within it. So that a student can grow in a balanced way and can become all-rounder thereafter.