Air Pollution – Silent Killer – World Environment Day deserves Special Attention on this

World Environment Day

India has become one of the countries in the world where most of the deaths are due to air pollution. Surprisingly, there are no big parties or small regional parties, no one has ever talked about the air pollution issue, no political party has put the air pollution issue prominently in the election rallies nor the pollution. The issue did not raise. World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June for the protection and protection of the environment. The aim of celebrating this day is to make people aware of environmental protection and protection. The United Nations had announced to celebrate this day in 1972 to bring political and social awareness on the global level to the environment. On the problem of environmental pollution, in 1972, the United Nations organised the first world in Stockholm (Sweden) Organised environmental conference in which 119 countries participated.

The word environment is made up of two words of the Sanskrit language + cover, in which the meaning of the meaning is covered from all sides and the cover is covered. Today the entire world environment is concerned with the problem of pollution. Environment pollution is a serious problem before humankind today, which is necessary to resolve soon. Both the environment and life are complementary to each other which have been explained to us from time to time. Even Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has taken exceptional steps to tackle this through massive tree plantations. So much so that lacs of volunteers plant trees on their special occasions and have contributed to more than 40 million trees worldwide.

Pollution that is spreading in the environment is becoming the world’s biggest problem. Environment pollution has spoiled the lives of people in the world today. Every common man has to maintain his moral responsibility towards environmental protection. According to the World Health Organization, millions of people die every year due to air pollution. In the United States of America, the University of Chicago, in its study on the frequent degradation in Delhi, the students found that the situation in the city has become increasingly serious due to pollution; Delhi’s pollution is proving to be very fatal for the people where it has added to the woes of commuters on a daily basis.  What we fail to understand though is this problem can be easily countered through more and more trees. More green cover can help combat this serious issues says Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji. And rightly so, Trees have the capability to absorb the hazards of pollution and nourish us with more oxygen generated in the process.

In the University of Chicago, Milton Friedman professor of economics Michelle Greenstone has studied this with the Energy Policy Institute. In this study, his team studied the impact of the devastating air on life in Delhi. Studies have examined the dangers of breathing in polluted air, which showed that pollution has reduced the lives of people by 10 years.

It is a matter of great concern that there is a lack of long-term and overall policies to address the air pollution in our country. There is a startling talk about air pollution. According to the US Department of Health Effects Institute, air pollution in India is the third largest cause of all deaths due to health related hazards. It has been said in the report that half of the world’s deaths due to air pollution in the world, half of it is in India and China. In India and China, 12 to 12 lakhs people died in air pollution in 2017, respectively. The National Capital Territory of Delhi is sixth in this list of WHO. But when are we as a Nation, going to be serious on this issue?

In the report of the World Health Organisation (WHO) report, Air Pollution and Child Health, toxic air in India, it has been reported that in the year 2016, the poisonous air of about one lakh children of less than five years of age in India Death is due to come under influence, the number of girls in the death is higher than boys. Not only Delhi but people from 94 cities of the country are breathing in poisonous air.

The data released by the Central Pollution Control Board shows that the air here has become poisonous, it is harmful for the health of the people. In the month of May last year, the World Health Organisation described Kanpur as the most polluted city in the world. It was said on the basis of data on the amount of PM 2.5 in the air on the basis of the Central Pollution Control Board. In an international research report, it is feared that if the pollution level is not in control then by 2025, every year approximately 32,000 people in Delhi will be killed in poisonous air due to an untimely death. This has precisely been the prediction of Baba Ram Rahim Ji who initiated Mega Tree plantation and cleanliness drives way back in 2001 and for almost close to 2 decades lacs of volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda are changing the landscape in India. But no-one seems to care or even follow 1/10th of their efforts. Had we understood this, the situation would definitely have been very different.