Six Tips to Help Others Even If You Don’t Have Enough Money

Help Others

Usually, it happens that people want to help others, but because of lack of funds, they can’t actually do that. They feel unable to do good for this. But now, this will not happen. You can surely help them even if you don’t have enough funds to do that. Yes, Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has suggested brilliant ways with which you can become a helping hand for others without spending much money on that.

Here are the top six tips you can adapt and become a hero for the needy!

#1 Keep a Portion of Your Income:

Most people claim that they can’t help needy by giving out money instantly. Saint MSG has given a great way to help needy by keeping a small fraction of your income or money you have.

For this, keep a coin regularly at one place, you can use a piggy bank or any other thing. Regularly, keep one coin in it and check how many money you have collected monthly. Now donate this money to help the needy.

Tip: If you directly give money to the poor then they might use it in a wrong way or might take drugs from it. So, instead of doing it, help them in a different way by purchasing food items, clothes or other necessaries they need.

#2 Donate in Cloth Bank:

If you can’t help with money even by adopting the above-mentioned measure, then you can surely help them with this particular one. Cloth Bank is like a blessing for all the needy who don’t have clothes to veil their body.

Saint Baba Ram Rahim has encouraged the masses to open a cloth bank in every region & area to directly help the needy. In this, people who have an abundance of clothes and those clothes which they don’t wear now can be donated.

Tip: You don’t need to purchase new clothes, so, you don’t need to have extra pennies to help others. Just take the clothes that you don’t wear now and are kept spare and finally donate them to others. So, you don’t need to spend money to do it.

#3 Donate Food:

The best way to help others is to satiate their basic essentials, food. Saint MSG has suggested a brilliant way for this. He says if each person keeps a fast for one day in a week and donate that food to the needy then besides filling their tummy, you can invest in your health as well.

This means by keeping one day fast your digestion would become good. Keeping fast means just drinking hot water and nothing else in the whole day. So, you can donate food in this way and you will not need to spend extra rupees on feeding someone else.

#4 Donate Spare Books:

You can donate your spare books which are of no use now and can easily invest in someone’s education. You can fulfill anyone’s dream to study and excel in life by gifting them these books.

For you, it’s a free stock and for them, it can become a solid foundation for their future. With this purpose, Saint MSG has started Book Bank where people can continue their studies even if they don’t have funds to buy books.

#5 Donate Toys:

Poor children stay deprived of basic joys. They feel inferior from others as they can’t even get toys to relish in their childhood. According to Saint MSG, this becomes a prime reason for the rising crimes as these children stay frustrated in living life with scarce resources and even basic amenities. 

For them, Toy Bank has been opened in which old or spare toys can be submitted and poor children can be directly helped from these. This Toy Bank is bringing limitless joy on every poor child’s face.

#6 Donate Eyes after Death and Posthumous Body Donation:

Posthumous eyes and body donation is a great task one can ever do. Giving the gift of sight by donating eyes and hope for medical science to beat all diseases by donating the body, you can become a hero of society without even spending a single penny.

With the inspiration of Baba Ram Rahim Guru, lakhs of followers have taken the pledge in written to donate eyes & body after death and give an unceasing gift to others.

So, how do you find these measures? Amazing, right? The best part of these tips is you don’t have to spend money to follow them and you can help others easily with your these simple efforts.