With the grace of his Holiness “happiness comes to you but ….”


Experiences of a Satsangi

The description of Satguru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s immense love is mentioned above from an incident of 29th April 2008. Asha insan from, Shah Satnam Ji Nagar Sirsa, in a letter written in this form, describes it in this way.

She writes that

In 1986, I took naam from Dera Sacha Sauda from Rev. Param Pita Ji- Before I took the name; I had seen for a long time and felt that the name from Dera Sacha Sauda turns houses into a paradise. Where there is no intoxicant, neither the meat, nor the slanderers, nor the tone of speech or argument. Where people only talk about Ram’s name.

I wanted to take Naam to experience the bliss that other Satsangis were enjoying. And this wish was fulfilled in 1986. After this, I also got other people too, connected to Dera Sacha Sauda. So their house would be made like heaven in their own way. With the help of Satguru Ji’s grace, I encouraged my sister-in-law, parents and other friends to take Naam. The master has fulfilled all my wishes with his mercy to date.

The above description is from April 29, 2008

On that day I was on duty in Shah Mastana Ji Dham as a daily guard. Suddenly there was a feeling that the present Guru Ji Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji (Dr. MSG) often told his devotees that you will get fruit for your service and meditation. And I thought I will go home with that fruit today. I was thinking that; let me see what the father gives.

The duty as a guard was up to 9 o’clock. The other sisters of the shift went home as per their respective time, but I was sitting in the persistence that the fruits should be taken by father today.

At the same time a sister came there. She mentioned in the affirmative that on my marriage, the pious Father gave me this five rupee coin as Shagun. She also showed me that royal coin. She also told that my marriage was done only in the holy presence of Father. When I heard about her, I thought that in my mind, What if  Even my marriage had taken place in the presence of Pujya Param Pita, then I would also get a coin in Shagunand I would have cherished it all my life.

Suddenly, I came to realize that beloved Father Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Jain would definitely give me coinand today I will go home with a coin. In this way, talking in your mind and thinking about one and a half minutes. Prasad came in for all volunteers.

It is worth mentioning that today a Bhandara was celebrated on the day of establishment of Dera Sacha Sauda and the day of Jaam-e-Insan Guru’s day. Festivals of all religions were celebrated today, like Eid, Christmas, Diwali and Gur-Purab and prasad of each festival is distributed.

All the volunteers who were present on the spot were present in Shah Mastana Dham, they were given an envelope along with prasad of all the religions as Sanjha Prasad. When I opened the envelope, there was also a rupee coin (Eilahi Treasure) in Prasad. There was no limit to my surprise when I saw the year 1982 written coin on the coin.

I was married in 1982, and that which I had asked and thought that if my marriage would have taken place in the presence of Guru Ji and I would have got the coin had come true. I was very happy, so happy that I could not handle it.

I showed that coin to all the sisters and told that the revered father has given me the shagun for my marriage. I also asked those sisters if you have a rupee coin received as prasad? Everyone replied in ‘No’ that there is no envelope in our prasad.

I came home and kept it in a box. In the morning, when I opened the box hoping to share the happiness with my family, I did not find the coin in the box. When I did not get the coin, I was shocked, where did the coin go? There was a bit of sadness and trouble grew.

Afterwards, I apologized in the sacrament of Rev. father Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and said the reason for my troubles was that the missing coin, which I received as prasad. I had kept me in the box in the house, and the next morning it was disappeared; maybe it was a huge mistake that I told about eternal happiness to others (which is forbidden in spirituality).

Father, Please forgive me and provide happiness.

The true Master Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji Ji laughs and laughs, and says ‘beta! The happiness comes very much, but you give back (returned). I repeatedly apologized to my father, that father I was wrong, pls. Forgive me and also grant me the power to digest happiness.