World Day against Child labour

152 million children around the world are victims of child labour as per UNO. Children are the most precious, they are a future of our world, so We should provide the proper education, they have also the right to study for their bright future. That’s why Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji Insan has taken various initiatives to curb this social menace.

Providing free education opportunities for children

Poverty & a lack of livelihood options lead to a child to contribute to the family income. Therefore Baba Ram Rahim Ji encourages people to help the poor children with their education. Child labour can spoil their future If their parents can’t afford fees for study, that is why Guru Ji preaches that it’s our responsibility to help them in studies by providing financial or other direct help as much as possible.

Set-up Book banks, toy banks etc

With the inspiration of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the Dera volunteers have opened book banks, toy banks, etc for children. These banks are Setup at block levels so children from that area can take direct advantage of the opportunities provided. Dera Sacha Sauda apart from providing a model of free education help them is also motivating people to fight child labour by not employing children for any economic gains.

Set-up Shahi Ashram Basera

Saint Dr. MSG has adopted many such children who were abandoned and forced into child labour. These children are provided education, along with a safe haven, where their innate talents are nurtured along with loads of love and respect, to help them grow into responsible citizens.

Thousands have pledged to not resort to child labour, come what may. Even DSS followers have forced many to relieve child labourers by explaining them the repercussions this is having on society and to children’s future.