God will never abandon you Even If You Do!

God will Never Abondon

The foremost wish of every disciple remains in meeting God. His one sight can bring so deep satisfaction to the soul that none other things can ever do. Even one thought of separation makes them so uneasy that they beg before the lord, to never ever let them face such moment. But what happens if the same disciple forgets all the favors? Does God forget him too? Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has put light on this point and clarified that God never ever abandons any of His children in any circumstance. Why? Know it here!

His Love is Endless and He Will Never Abandon You!

God is omnipresent and everyone knows it. But do you know He loves you abundantly? Your flaws, your caste, creed, status or any background, instead, for Him your devotion matters and nothing else. Even if you forget His favors on you, you start speaking wrong about Him, still, His love for you will never get down. Baba Ram Rahim Guru says in this context,

“Bhool Gaye Ho Tum Hame

Hum Na Tumhe Bhulaaenge

Chahe Kitna Kre Yatan

Vapis Tumhe Le Jaenge

Kaal Se Tumko Chhudaaenge”

This means even if you forget God, He will never ever forget you. No matter how hard He has to try, but He will never ever let you get encased in Kaal’s (Negative Power) hands. 

His celestial love and concern will never let you feel down despite all the adversities and unfavorable circumstances. In fact, if you forget Him even then His love doesn’t lower down.

Why Do People Forget God?

This world is so self-centered that people hardly think about anyone else. They treat even God on the same notes. They just remember God in case of need and forget Him at all other times.

Baba Ram Rahim says people take God as a child. Just as they give kids candies or jaggery to take work from them, they ask God, ‘Lord, please come & do my work and I will give you Parshad of Ladoos or pay this amount of money’. Then isn’t it bribing? Are not you considering Him as a kid?

They remember in this way only & then again forget and don’t even think about them. Besides this, sometimes people are so unthankful that they overlook all His favors and benevolence within a second. They love God but don’t develop the trust which further, let them abandon His grace and blessings.

Then does God also abandon them from His grace and let them face troubles set by negative power? No! Even if they abandon God, He always takes them along with Him and doesn’t let them feel the pain after death.  

Yes, this is equally true that now you have to face the fruits of your Karma, even the bad ones (of earlier births as well), which otherwise might have been finished if you stay grateful for God and do meditation.

Does God Memorize You?

Whenever anyone questions Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan that, ‘Do you remember your disciples or Does God memorizes them? Then He always replies, NO!

No, because He never ever forgets you!

Overblown? Well, the answer is overblown!

He says, ‘One memorizes those whom the forget, but God never ever forgets you so, He doesn’t memorize you. Each of His creatures lives in His heart and He loves them ceaselessly.’

These words bring so positive vibes among the disciples’ hearts they don’t feel themselves alone and abandoned at all.

Long story short, be grateful to God, meditate His words regularly and God will never ever let you feel spare of happiness and He will not abandon you in any circumstance.