Do you know the purpose of your life?

God Words

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says in every Satsang that our souls are detached from that real power and this life is an opportunity to go back their again through meditation. He further exhorts, this human life comes after 84 million births and this life is for doing meditation and earning the real wealth of devotion, to go back to the true abode, where a soul belongs.

Meditation and Welfare works make us Real Humans:

With regular meditation and humanitarian works only, a person can make the maximum use of this human life the soul is traveling from one form to another since countless births. And on its journey, it has evolved from different types of vegetation to insects, to birds, animals, and finally human being. And nobody knows when will there be a next chance to come back to this precious human form and so before it is too late, one should make a way out of this cycle of births and deaths through devotion and meditation. This is karmic evolution and nobody can save you from this cycle, except a true Guru-Master.

Make Devotion a Part of Daily Routine:

We should add a method of meditation in our daily routine to get the peace of mind and soul. Salvation is possible only in human birth. Baba Ram Rahim Ji preaches all to do meditation, always work hard, never hurt anyone, always respect our religions and elders and work towards the betterment of society. All these will lead one towards a greater purpose, and make a soul capable to attain God’s love and the soul can experience true bliss being in this world of Satan.

Human Race is most Superior of all Races:

No other species has the capability to attain salvation. Only and only human birth can achieve this and it is in this birth, that a soul has maximum freedom to conduct and move around as per its wishes. It has been granted the freedom to choose everything around it. But unfortunately, instead of making good use of this priceless freedom, Soul gets entangled in futile activities. Eating, sleeping, drinking, merry-making, even getting into evil deeds, thus entangling itself in another round of birth and death of 84 lakh births. So how can one attain salvation or break this cycle?

By following the sermons of a true Guru, through Satsang, meditation and rendering humanitarian services exhorts Baba Ram Rahim Ji. And he insists, utilise every single moment of freedom, granted to you, by Lord Almighty into good use.