5 Keys to Getting Final Riddance from Family Disputes in a Spiritual Way!

Family Disputes

The most unpleasant part of every relationship is, ‘Fight’. People wish not to face any situation of a dispute, but this is still a hard-hitting goal in every relationship. Sometimes their egos become the reason to fight and sometimes silly things, but you can certainly say, it is and will happen, no matter how strong your relationship is. It impacts adversely on every person surrounding you, especially children. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan time to time guides people for happy life besides navigating them in a spiritual way. He takes every care of His child and has guided all some ways to come out of these adverse situations that might harm your relationships.

Go through these 5 best ways which can surely bring tranquility to your home and relationships:

2. Morning, Evening Meditation with Prayer:

Seems awkward? Well, it could be an end of fights and you will agree with us when you will actually know, what it exactly is!

As per Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, everyone should spare one room and there should be one signboard fitted on that with the name on it, ‘MAHABHARAT’. Whenever there’s a chance of a quarrel, then every that person should stop and do the fighting in that room only so that the entire family members don’t get affected.

What happened by doing this?

People reported that they did the same. They pared one room and titled it as, ‘MAHABHARAT ROOM’. The time when their quarrels start, they just stop it in between and say, if you wanna fight, then let’s just go to this room and begin here. People said, even after saying so, they start laughing that what they are doing and the quarrel that was supposed to occur, never occur in actual.

A simple yet brilliant way! Isn’t it?

As it is a famous adage, ‘There’s always a hidden treasure in every sermon of saints which will certainly appease you now or later’, and will find it proved from this fact as well.

2. Morning, Evening Meditation with Prayer:

Saint Dr. MSG exhorts that sometimes home or family quarrels are so big that it becomes quite difficult to solve them by talking or any other measure. In that case, the best way so consistent morning & evening prayers.

The right way to prayer is, wake up early in the morning (the best time is Braham-muhurta between 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM). Fresh up and take a bath if possible and drink some water. Now sit in a squat and utter your problem to God and pray Him to resolve it. Then recite God’s words with full concentration at least for one hour. Do the same in the evening and repeat this practice on a regular basis. By doing so, you will surely find your situation either resolved or will get a solution for it.

3. Do Prayer While Preparing Food:

This is the ultimate way. As per the famous saying,’ your thoughts mostly depend on what you eat.

This adage perfectly fit this situation as well. If prayers are sent to God besides reciting God’s words while preparing food, then the thoughts of the person who actually eat that food will start changing. It will keep the bad thoughts and the quarrelsome attitude at bay and let you live happily thereafter. It’s an ultimate way to put a full stop to all quarrels indeed.

4. Holy Spirit:

Guidance of Saints, Gurus in one’s life is a blessing. If you are attached to the true spiritual master and follow the path suggested by Him, then not even a single chance ever emerges that brings any troublesome situation in your life. His heavenly words can change your entire life so follow your Guru, the true spiritual master by heart and live a prosperous life ahead.

5. Listen Other’s Perspective:

Saint MSG stresses that ego problem is quite a big issue with everyone. No one wants to get suppressed by another one. But it’s always worth listening other’s perspective. Because things look wrong, but in actuality, the motive of the second person might not be wrong.

So, if you hold some patience in your thoughts and words, then surely your decision will become wise and personal quarrels will not take a bigger shape.

Final Words

These ways are quite influential if one adopts it with all his might in life. You can surely attain the way to happiness by adopting these proven tactics suggested by one & only, Saint Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji.