Are you really happy with the many perquisites life has given you?

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

In what you may wonder. Well, do you have enough control over your own self? Yes, you may answer, you have 500 people working under you, and sitting at a place you can control things virtually. Your words make hundreds dance on their seats. True, all this. But can you control your own self? Are you able to put the mobile away, when it’s family time? When it’s time to call it a day, do you do it willingly or keep postponing one more minute, one more minute, etc. Or worse, if your inner calling, asks you to start working for the good of society, how many of you listen? Well, the answer to most above questions would be “NO”. And why is it so, because, we have become slaves to our minds, says Saint Ram Rahim Ji.

Each of us has been created with one aspect of our mind constantly dwindling on the negative side. Also called “mana”, this negative mind will ask you to break rules, take a holiday, sleep for some more, eat and be merry. This “mana” is also the culprit for all the negative thoughts that arise in you. It will make you doubt every situation, your capabilities and even the intent of others doing good for society. In short, “mana” is the agent of Satan, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. It will constantly make you sad for no reason. You can fight your own “mana” with your will power which is diminishing day by day. And this will power can be gained through meditation.

 Even in happy situations, your happiness is felt empty. So real happiness does not come from material aspects of life. But real happiness is connected with the spirit, the soul. This comes from doing well for others, working for the welfare of others. And this can be experienced only through virtuous deeds. And does not take fancy clothes, vehicles, or a lot of money. You can just share some part of your earnings, however big or small they may be, with the less fortunate ones.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji has initiated 134 welfare activities which include right from taking care of birds to saving lives with Blood Donation, organ donation etc.

Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers – saviors of life on roads – They are no less than angels, as when everybody else chooses to videography, these followers make sure the accident victims are taken to hospitals and tended to. Even strays and birds are never ignored by these followers of Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

True Blood Pumps in service 365 days– Yes these blood pumps of Baba Ram Rahim Ji never dry out. Imagine when lacs pledge to donate blood every 3 months. This transforms into lacs of units of Blood donated, every month acting as a lifelines for many.

Sharing pains of less fortunate souls– Anybody in the hapless situation, either in the form of finances or in terms of the current situation, these souls are there for them. Grocery, medical expenses, marriage expenses, education, aids for physically challenged, looking after ex-army official’s families, you name it and they do it. This is how Baba Ram Rahim Ji has trained them, call it training, call it humanity based values, he had taught them all.

Although the welfare work by these followers will run into pages, what we understand from these followers’ exceptional spirit towards humanity is that these followers are in fact charged by these welfare acts. It is this welfare that is keeping their spirits high, there will power full and their souls fueled up. And you will find these humble volunteers are not slaves of their negative mind or weaknesses even for a moment.