Have you experienced the magic of volunteering? Top 7 reasons why you should adopt this now.

DSS Volunteering

Volunteering very humble terms but it has the capability to transform you completely. You might feel what’s the big deal if the other person is doing it, he has got plenty of time. And I am too busy to do it myself. Well, this excuse will not work here, as we are about to show you 10 invaluable means to pitch in for society as outlined by none other than, Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Saint Ram Rahim Ji. So here you go

  1. Plan your week ahead and pledge a couple of hours on Sundays

Visit your neighbourhood slums, or even the elderly in the compound. Pitch in to plant some trees in neighbourhoods or the simplest option is to volunteer an hour teaching the underprivileged kids in your area.

2.   Jazz up your special days with kindness– Yes the days that matter to you the most, your birthday, your

Loves one’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Let those be the day’s others’ blessings can be earned. Just go to the nearest, slums or orphanages and donate your clothes, shoes, books, toys anything possible. You can buy stationery items or even give away used ones. They will cherish every gift with utmost gratitude. In fact, this is how 70% Dera Sacha Sauda followers celebrate their occasions, as part of teachings of his holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

3.   Pledge your organs– Pledge your body, eyes, or bones and skin too. So how does this work? Your organs to a long way in medical research if the entire body is pledged. Else eyes, kidney, etc. can be pledged too, separately as organ donation and these can give the gift of life to countless lives. And the best gift that you can give the society, on a regular basis, donates Blood every 3 months. That right a healthy body can donate blood every 3 months whereas the blood needs of your body are fulfilled in 24 hours itself, thus providing you with a fresh lease of Blood. Isn’t it amazing? A win-win situation, that rejuvenates your blood, and becomes a lifeline for somebody too, giving you a chance to earn the most precious gift for yourself- abundant blessings. No wonder then, that Baba Ram Rahim Ji calls Blood donation the greatest gift of all.

So if you see, it is not difficult than it sounds, and what’s more get along your friends to support your favorite cause and this might turn out to be the best bonding time too for you guys. So see you around somewhere soon.