A 7 Step Solution to Raising Good Children

Raising Good Children

Children are going out of our hand’s thanks to the gadgets all around. We ourselves find helpless in such situations. So what is the best way this can be handled? Let’s find out from that treasure of wisdom, from Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

Let there be light– Light the light of God, wisdom, and spirituality in the life of a child early on. This will act as a basic foundation in a child’s life. Connect him with meditation and true Lord’s name. Baba Ram Rahim Ji exhorts devotion earned in childhood, is deemed to be of the first degree and is accepted by Lord really fast. Do not let your child miss out on this one.

Education for values not just money minded ness – Today we talk of be this when you grow up or be that when you grow up, but instead parents should focus on being the right person, the best individual or human being, who puts humanity first.

Love selflessly – love selflessly and do not be subject to judgments, your child is watching your behavior.

Be honest with children– always be honest in your behaviour and this is what will be emulated by your child and develop a sense of pride in him.

Spend time with them – this is very important and is getting lost as we get busier with our pursuits. But spending some time daily is very important and should not be tossed around says Saint Ram Rahim Ji.

Follow a routine and Disciplined approach – a Discipline set up early on will go a long way.

Do not emulate money is more important than relationships – value your relationships and do not manipulate them.

Readout stories of Warriors and Devotees – This has been one of advice by Baba Ram Rahim Ji to pregnant ladies too, so children born are of high character and the same goes for children, so they can inspire themselves to be like them.

Have a friendly chat, often times. – Again make sure you are your child’s best friend.