There is no greater gift than the God’s name, which can serve you like a magical wand


Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that if a person wants to get happiness and peace in this kalyuga, then it is necessary for the person to have confidence and will-power. The person who has confidence in him can touch the bulwarks and this confidence cannot be attained by any medicine, tonic, clothes, parents or teacher, lecturer’s tips.

To attain this self-realization, spiritual contemplation is necessary, and this spiritual contemplation can only be gained with the worship of Allah, Waheguru, master of devotion.

Rev Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that the person, who chants the name of the Master, can achieve the same self-realization. Spiritual contemplation is possible only through Sumiran- meditation, it can increase the self-confidence, and when the self-confidence increases of the soul, and then its stamina increases too.

Love of the soul begins to grow. The soul gets the dose, its food in abundance, which is God’s pious love and it becomes stronger. His Holiness says that one day the match of soul and divine is necessary. So be sure to make the connection stronger says Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

You may have any qualities, you may be in any service when there is no faith inside a person, and he starts to fall. The only way to fight with your mind is only through sumiran and along with meditation; if you also spend time in selfless service with it then you are very fortunate. The mind connects quickly with selfless service and will be able to pick up the Master’s tune and connect really fast.

The mind will stop going towards the evils. When the soul captures the tunes of Ram, God, Allah, Waheguru, the soul targets God’s glimpse as its sole purpose. After this, the mind does not turn to evil but leads to goodness.

The mind is a lover of taste, says Baba Ram Rahim. Where it gets more taste it rides there and goes away. Rev. Guruji insists that the taste of God’s name is beyond comparison and there is other taste that can even come close to this taste. And once a soul tastes this, it never forgets this taste and wants to dip itself in this unparalleled bliss again and again.

Therefore, recite the name of the Master, worship, so you can become worthy of the happiness of the master. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh says that until a person does not get inner happiness, then the person’s face does not glow, God’s name brings innate glow on the face of a person, naturally. His grief, anxiety, and problems are thrown far far away and he becomes worthy of the master’s grace. Therefore, pray for the good of all, please pray for good.