A Super-Human like No Other

Super Human

Usually, if a person specializes in 8-10 different types of work, then the world goes crazy for that person, and society begins to think he is a real gifted genius. If you are an ace at doing hundreds of tasks with superb ease and capability, what will you say…?

Let us present to you one such amazing personality with some of his innate talents and no marks for guessing that is Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

Such a great personality who introduced the world to wonderful, historical and unmatched talents in various fields. One who introduced the world to true spirituality and humanity? Not just showing the path, but the one who himself took each of his soul to this true path while holding on to the worldly pursuits as well.


50+ Years Dedicated to Humanity

His every action is synonymous with humanity, whether it is a Satsang or films or singing, playing, farming, animal husbandry, sports, and technology. The list of philanthropic activities being done in the interest of humanity by this person is so long if we call him “Era transformer” of the present time, it will be no exaggeration.

For the welfare of the society and the elimination of various social evils committed in the society, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has not only started awareness campaign as his holy mission but has shown the path of peace and happiness on a huge scale. Where millions arise to one single call of this single man, and not for any free concert ticket or a free 5-star meal or free holiday vouchers, but for serving mankind. Is that a small feat? Can you even get your son to clean your bed? Here lacs are seen traveling thousands of kilometers to clean a city or thousands are in queue to marry prostitutes. This is the definition of an “Era changer”, the one who can turn the planet back to its golden days. Is there anyone remotely close to this Saint in present times? We definitely fail to see so.

Dissolved all barriers of caste, creed, and Religion

He is the only man in present-day times, who can claim to be a truly human who is above religion, caste and creed. And his quest for connecting people with true humanity he coined the term human and related it to humanity. While giving the lesson “Humanity is true religion” to masses. The masses not just learned this lesson fluently but are following at each and every step of their lives. And these are not just a​ ​ hundred two hundred but more than 65 million people spread across the Globe.

This series of philanthropy is still continuing. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has become an inspiration for the whole world by introducing the moral and Cultural Revolution in the society without any discrimination. And no wonder then that we also know Saint Ram Rahim Ji as Super Human, super he is in every sense of the word.