Benevolence and Disciple


Be Benevolent…. The World Needs Most of It!

Complexities in life, shortage of time and self-centeredness has taken the place of benevolence altogether. People feel it as a side task and don’t even consider its importance in today’s world. But being good and compassionate towards others is the first symbol of a disciple. Without this, you can’t ever become capable to meet the Almighty. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has exhorted upon the significance and necessity of benevolence in the life of a disciple. As per Guru Ji, the spirituality and love towards God increase with increased benevolence.

Let’s know about benevolence and its importance in human life, especially for a disciple. Get it here!

Happiness Stays beside You!

Obliged nature and pain for every creature in the heart makes you benevolent. A benevolent person doesn’t even need to get his demands fulfilled as all those wishes are met by nature itself. The sense of gratitude and love for others can miraculously weave the life and make you capable to meet the Almighty. This leads to the happiest life.

A Way to Moksha!

Benevolence helps you become capable of God’s grace. When you are benevolent, then God ultimately showers His divine love as you are kind to His children which keep you heading towards Moksha. Your soul gets free from unending cycles of death and birth. Benevolence can let you live happily & stress-free life besides making you permanently happy even after death.

Brimming Spirit for Humanity!

Saint MSG says a person or disciple can be benevolent if he possesses the endless spirit for humanity. Humanity is the foundation stone for benevolence and one can be kind & compassionate to others if he/she bend over backward to serve others.

Both of these are interrelated. If one is benevolent, then his humanitarian spirit would also be at the peak. As per Guru Ji, those who are kind towards others, God never loses sight of them ever.

Satyuga’s Pleasure!

Guru Ji says those who take care of all creatures and serve them with a tender heart; they feel the [pleasure and happiness of Satyuga. They don’t feel the heat of Kalyuga and always remain in immense delight all the time.

They stay polite towards others and live a dignified life with the blessings of God who never let them down in any circumstance.

Salute to Parents!

Guru Ji says those parents who have instilled such spirit and love towards mankind among their children are worth appreciable. The first lesson is always taught by family & parents to the child. If that lesson encircles humanity, then the child becomes benevolent by heart. He gets to know the real purpose of life and invest his time in it. Saint Baba Ram Rahim salutes to the parents whose guidance and teachings make their child gracious & kind.

Benevolence is Must!

For a disciple, being benevolent is a must. If he is not serving others with a tender heart, ignoring the agonies of needy, don’t quench the hunger & thirst of others by providing food & water, don’t help poor in their treatments, don’t help them make their own homes, then he can’t ever become the beloved of God.

God loves those who love His creatures and stay kind towards them all the time. So, to become a true disciple of God, you need to bring benevolence in the life and grab limitless love, the benevolence of God who will remain present for you no matter in what circumstance you have encased.

So, be benevolent and love mankind by heart, if you want to become beloved of God.