Serve Humanity, Lord is happy Seeing you Happy

Serve humanity

The revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts If the person remembers Ram every time and recites God’s name in the morning for at least half an hour and half an hour in the evening, then all his troubles vanish. His mountain like terrible karmas is converted into a tiny mole.

Rev. Guru Ji Saint Ram Rahim Ji insists that it is terrible Kalyuga, the time of evils, when evil deeds, evil thoughts and negativity prevail. The mind thinks bad thoughts about the person, keeps worrying all the time. The mind will come under control, only when you are connected with the name of Ram.

There are two types of thoughts that arise in the mind and those are negative thoughts or negative thinking. So the feeling that I should not do ties work, if I do, I will be tired, etc. forget it if I start reading it, then it is all the thinking of the mind. If you do bad deeds, then the mind is happy. Therefore, you too should be engaged in doing bad deeds, it is the mind, that is evil like a militant, and the person falls into hell. His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that the mind of man always dominates until the human being does not take efforts to interfere.

If you are sure to believe in the welfare and service of humanity and if you work towards mankind’s service and spend time in true devotion, then the tenth door opens. Bur before you reach this stage, you will have to have firm faith on your master and believe that he is the right Guide for you.

The purpose of the life of saints is to do good to all

The doctor with whom you are getting treatment, you make sure that at leas the is a specialist, I will definitely get good medicine. If you believe so much then it is enough for you and belief will cure you. In the same way, the guru is very knowledgeable, if you trust him firmly. Listen to what he says, listen to him, serve the needy, then he is happy in your happiness, He keeps asking the master what is right for you.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji insists that the saint, Pir fakir always keeps everyone happy. He never thinks bad for anyone. The purpose of the life of saints is to do well to all, to pray for the good of all. Those who believe firmly, get results from instantly and those who do not believe strongly, it takes time for them, so it is important to be convinced.

Unless you are firmly convinced of your Guru Pira-Faqir, in your routine, your boat is going to flicker, because Guru Ji says that chanting Ram’s name is not in your firm conviction, you say that I will spend time in devotion someday, Or keep questioning what will I get, with devotion, why devote time?, what is the advantage? There are countless benefits but you will have to spend time in devotion to see the same. When the seed will flow sow the earth only then the seed will grow, in the same way, the divine has to be worshipped, only then will his devotees will be with true Happiness.