Get Entitled to Supreme Happiness by Following the Sermons

Saint Gurmeet ram rahim singh

Rev. Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that if a disciple leaves the evils placing him, then the supreme God, the Satguru, accepts his prayer and he is enriched with supreme happiness.

His Holiness Saint Ram Rahim Ji says that those people who meditate on the words or name of God, they receive immense happiness from the Master. That is why it is very important to walk on the Sermons and follow the path shown by the Master. Those are very fortunate who follow the words and their parents are blessed, whose children listen to the words of Pir-Fakir.

 It is such a terrible era and the actions of a people are so evil, the minds are egoistic so much so that some people come to listen to Satsang from hundreds of kilometers away while there are many who can listen to Satsangs absolutely free, and they have no work or business but they fail to do so, and therefore they cannot get the bliss of the meditation from the master. And this way they say goodbye to their fortune and turn themselves into unfortunate and are always buried underneath the clutches of karmas.

Safeguard Yourself in this terrible Era

Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that such people do not feel comfortable inside or cannot relax outside, they find comfort nowhere. Guru Ji says that this is a town of Satan and there are different kinds of people here. Not all are of the same kind, but it is surprising to see that the mind is so vicious that he does not listen to Satguru-Master and negates every single sermon. This is how this terrible time casts its spell.

Here the senses are in expanse but the man should remember that if He can give all the gifts, behind which people are running and once they get them, they forget the Master, then He can take everything in one moment also. It seems that when this time will come, only then people will realise and the Maser will definitely do so. A person does not understand till the time he doesn’t get hit by his karma, irrespective of how much wisdom is showered on him.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that when karma casts its shadow on the person, then he goes mad and then nothing be done except for repenting. So this is the time of the terrible Kalyuga, here the mind makes a person blind in his talks. It is therefore said that those who come in Satsang are fortunate and they get true happiness as understand all the weapons of Satan mind, Maya, lust, etc and they can fight and win over them.